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Beauty, luxury goods, and fashion law

The beauty and fashion industry may sound full of glitz and glamour – and let’s be honest, it probably is. But behind all the fashion shows and front page spreads in Vogue, there are a lot of legal considerations to make.

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Explaining beauty, luxury goods, and fashion law

This industry covers a variety of legal disciplines. Advertisement law, business law, intellectual property law, international commercial law, and contract law are just some of the legal branches that those in the fashion world must consider. Avoiding fashion lawsuits should be a priority for all working in the fashion sector, from fashion designers to brand owners.

With the rise of e-commerce sites and online shopping, the chances of counterfeit sales has risen significantly in the last few years. Global counterfeit sales caused a dizzying loss of profits in the last few years. No one wants their fashion brand to diminish in value – it can take a huge knock to business..


Why might you or your business require a fashion, luxury goods & beauty solicitor?

The creativity that fuels the fashion, beauty and luxury goods industries means that companies will be creating a huge amount of intellectual property that you may need to protect. At Spencer Churchill, our expert solicitors understand the complexities that occur within a fashion company and the range of intellectual property to consider.

From creative inventions to brand identity to sensitive information, we can help you when it comes to trademarking, copyrighting, and registering your designs or establishing fashion design rights. We also are knowledgeable contract lawyers, able to navigate and advise clients on a range of contracts and issues related to retailers – large or small.



How can Spencer Churchill help you with fashion, luxury goods & beauty law?


With the rise of e-commerce and fast fashion online brands, there has been a boom in the range of designs that customers are buying. Maintaining originality and recognisability has never needed such attention and consideration. Registering your fashion designs is an effective way to minimise the chance of knock-offs popping up on competitors’ websites – and also providing protection if they do.

Our team can offer this intellectual property support – whether you need to establish a copyright or register a design at the beginning, or if you need legal support if someone does rip you off, we want to help.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with fashion, luxury goods & beauty law?


When it comes to the beauty industry, similar legal problems arise as with fashion, but there are a few more to throw into the mix. If you own a beauty company, you will be aware of the health and safety responsibilities. Regulations that protect human health are really important, and if someone accuses you of falling short of standards it can do huge damage to your reputation.

The team at Spencer Churchill can help you stay in line with the law, offering expert advice in your specific field to make sure you are a lawfully run company. If you believe you have been unfairly accused of falling short of the law, or that a specific accusation is doing undue damage to your brand reputation, our professionals can support you through mediation, dispute resolution, and, if necessary, litigation proceedings.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with fashion, luxury goods & beauty law?

Luxury Brands

At Spencer Churchill, our team understand the nuances required when working with luxury brands. Reputation management is extremely important for designer names, and we understand the urgency required if your reputation does come under fire. Our reputation management or mediator professionals are here to support you and cure your reputational damages during the process of dispute resolution.

Whether the issue stems from the supply chain, contractual disputes, brand protection, publicity problems or copyright related disputes, our team is here to offer a hand and get you the result you want.

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