Commercial Mediation

If you or your business are experiencing an external disagreement, or you’ve come into conflict within a commercial relationship, it might be worth getting a mediation professional – like the ones at Spencer Churchill to step in and help you sort it out.

A mediation meeting is a form of effective dispute resolution, and makes it more likely that you will reach an agreement that both parties will be happy with, saving you the pain, hassle and expense of going into litigation.

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Explaining commercial mediation

Commercial mediation is a useful method of alternative dispute resolution. It serves as an effective way to work through professional or commercial issues or disagreements, without prejudice and without the need to take the issue to court, where it would be made public.

The mediation process is confidential and allows those involved, otherwise known as the disputing parties, to reach an agreement they can both be happy with, omitting the hefty court costs that can sometimes come from a traditional commercial dispute resolution.

The mediation session will be conducted by a trained mediator. They will remain impartial throughout the session, working through the facts of the commercial dispute and following the necessary procedures in a confidential process.

By nature, a mediation session is more relaxed than a formal commercial dispute. It offers the disputing parties flexibility, allowing them to talk through their differences in a low pressure environment.

The session will begin with the independent third party mediator introducing the disputing parties and setting down the standards that allow the procedures to take place smoothly, such as not interrupting the other party whilst they talk.

The commercial mediator will also clarify their position as an impartial professional, working with the participants to reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial.

Mediating as soon as possible is advised, as it can reduce the time and resources spent on a traditional dispute. Have you already started a court case but think mediation would be a better option? That’s okay. The court is able to put your case on hold, keeping all mediation information from the judge.


Why might you or your business require commercial mediation?

Mediating with legal experts or trained commercial mediators can help with a range of disagreements in the business world. It’s particularly effective in helping to de-escalate situations, and allows corporations to save time and money whilst retaining relationships.

You may be experiencing a contractual dispute between you and another business. Maybe there has been a disagreement regarding the expectation in a service that has been (or not been) delivered, or maybe you and a business partner have been struggling through a dispute based on a difference of opinions.

The mediation services offered within Spencer Churchill are incredibly useful. We provide mediation support and guidance to clients going through a variety of legal disputes. Think we might be able to help you out and reach a mediation agreement? So do we.



How can commercial mediation with Spencer Churchill help you

Contractual disputes

Been dealing with a disagreement with the terms of a contract? You’re going to want to sort it out. Contractual disputes can be damaging to you and your business’s reputation if they end up in court. If you or your disputing party have a problem with the terms and conditions of a contract, our expert mediators can help to sort it out.

How can commercial mediation with Spencer Churchill help you

Financial disputes

Do you want to reach a fair financial agreement but need some assistance in mediating the conversation so that both of you stay happy? Financial disputes can be controversial and difficult to deal with when both parties are passionate about defending their corner. With the help of mediators like us at Spencer Churchill, we can alleviate the pressure of the process, and get you a step closer to the result you and your business are after.

How can commercial mediation with Spencer Churchill help you

Intellectual property disputes

Think you or your business’s ideas and processes are being stolen and used elsewhere? Do you have evidence that your innovation is being ripped off for the benefit of another company or individual? You’re probably going to want to open an intellectual property dispute. Spencer Churchill can help iron out the problems that come with these sorts of disputes, mediating the situation until we reach a beneficial agreement.

How can commercial mediation with Spencer Churchill help you

Landlord and tenant disputes

Disputes between a tenant and a landlord are, unfortunately, pretty common. Disagreements when it comes to standards of living space, rental disparity compared to national equivalent prices, or deposit debates, can often be unproductive without professional mediation. But with the support of our friendly solicitors or accredited mediators, a mutually beneficial agreement is more likely to be found.

How can commercial mediation with Spencer Churchill help you

Partnership disputes

If you or your business partner disagree, it can be disruptive to the processes of the business as a whole. You are likely to want to sort it out as soon as possible, so that further time and money isn’t wasted whilst the dispute is being resolved. We are able to offer effective mediation meetings to allow you the space and capacity to communicate effectively with your partner and end the dispute on an amicable agreement.

How can commercial mediation with Spencer Churchill help you

Professional negligence disputes

Have you or your business been affected by professional negligence in the form of administrative mistakes or legal errors, or have you been dealing with a company that has an obvious disregard for your best interests? We can imagine how frustrating that is. Our mediator professionals are here to help you through your disagreement, giving you the space for productive communication.

How can commercial mediation with Spencer Churchill help you

Sales of goods & services disputes

If you or your business have received a faulty item that isn’t being refunded, or you’ve paid for a service that did not deliver in the way it promised to, you’re probably thinking of opening a dispute. A mediation meeting with Spencer Churchill professionals could help you and the other company reach an agreement without the time, money, and negative publicity that comes with a court case.

How can commercial mediation with Spencer Churchill help you

Shareholders disputes

Have you been pressured by a majority shareholder to make decisions that you don’t feel comfortable with? Or are you a majority shareholder that has had a decision or course of action blocked by minority shareholders and you don’t agree with the result? There are a range of reasons why a shareholder might need to resolve a dispute through mediation, but you can trust Spencer Churchill to help you along with the process.

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