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Protecting intellectual property should be a priority for all entrepreneurs or creatives, and it should act as a basic starting block of your business strategy. Intellectual property law refers to the law set in place to stop other businesses or individuals from infringing (or copying) your ideas or concepts. Defend your right to use your own ideas with one of our expert intellectual property lawyers.

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Explaining Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law is an important legal practice that businesses and entrepreneurs should make a serious priority from the beginning, and throughout, their corporate journey. Whenever a new thought, idea, or innovation is put into practice, you need to protect it from fraud such as IP or trade mark infringement (which is basically when a company takes your idea and tries to pass it off as their own.)

Dealing with competitors is difficult enough without them ripping you off. If you have developed an amazing idea that sets you apart in your industry, the last thing you need is someone to play it off as their own and use it for their own benefit.

It is all well and good explaining to you the importance of protecting your IP assets, but determining what form intellectual property may take will help you to gain a firmer understanding of your registered rights, meaning you know when to reach out to our team at Spencer Churchill


Why might you or your business require an intellectual property solicitor

There could be as many ideas to protect as you have put into practice within your business – and by that we mean loads. From copyrighting your slogan or core brand identity, to protecting your inventions from plagiarism, to the protection of trade secrets or secret processes, there are many avenues through which intellectual property law should be heavily considered.

You can protect yourself from IP infringement by making sure you have a lawyer at hand who has a thorough understanding of IP law. Like us!



How can Spencer Churchill help you with an intellectual property issue


You’ll have heard of copyright law, it’s everywhere. Copyright infringement is a common reason behind IP disputes. Although many probably leap to the thought of the music industry or song lyrics when the topic of copyright infringement is brought up, it can affect a huge variety of businesses.

From the photos used in your company marketing materials, to the text used in your email campaigns, to the music used in the background of business presentations, you need to ensure you have the rights to use all of these materials.

If you believe someone else, either an individual or a business, has taken your intellectual property without a right to do so, you may be interested in opening up a copyright infringement dispute. From dispute resolution, mediation or copyright litigation, our friendly and expert team of solicitors are here to guide you through the process.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with an intellectual property issue


Patent law refers to the protection of new inventions – from physical products such as car engines or circuit boards, to services such as coding algorithms, to creations such as medicine, patent law can help to protect a huge variety of intellectual property.

If you think you are dealing with an infringement on your patent, let us help. Our team will work with the facts to help you reach your desired conclusion.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with an intellectual property issue

Registered & unregistered designs

Whether or not you want registered or unregistered rights over your designs depends on the extent of protection you require. Unregistered design rights means there is no formal process in order to register, meaning automatic protection occurs upon creating the design.

Alternatively – registered rights offer full protection and control over the design – and for a much longer time period. It also means you don’t have to provide proof of your design being copied in order to enforce them.

If you want to establish your design rights, but aren’t sure what to do or which to pick, you can reach out to our team of professionals. We would be happy to talk you through your options. In the same breath, if you believe an individual or business has ripped off your design and need help enforcing your rights, we can help.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with an intellectual property issue


Trademark infringement occurs when someone uses a trademark or service without the authority to do so. If trademark infringement can be proved or evidenced, then sometimes litigation is required to halt the defender and stop them from using the mark in the future.

If you believe that you have been a victim of trademark infringement then it is important to sort it out. Our team is on hand to resolve the dispute effectively, making sure that you end up back on the right track as soon as possible.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with

Protecting your intellectual property

Dealing with intellectual property infringement is only the end of the IP law story. If you want to set up protection for your intellectual property, our team can also help. Whether you need to register or unregister a design, trademark a service or name, or patent an invention, we can walk you through the process. Using our expert professional services, we want to protect what belongs to you.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with

Defending an IP Claim

Facing an intellectual property claim? We’ve got your back. The team at Spencer Churchill knows the ropes of defending your creative turf without drowning you in legal lingo. When it comes to safeguarding your ideas, we’re the folks you need to help you understand it all. No jargon, no headaches – just straightforward support to keep your creative work in your hands. Trust Spencer Churchill to cut through the legal noise and defend what’s rightfully yours.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with

Protecting Inventions

Keep your groundbreaking ideas under lock and key with Spencer Churchill. Whether it’s patents, trademarks, or copyrights, we’re your go-to group of legal protectors that will make sure your brainchildren don’t end up in the wrong hands. No need for a legal dictionary; we’re all about straightforward, no-nonsense advice. So if you’ve got a brainwave that’s pure gold, let’s make sure it stays that way.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with

Reputation Management

Sometimes life happens in a way we don’t always need it to. Whether it’s a challenging legal situation or just a PR hiccup, our team is here to help you navigate these choppy waters. From cleaning up your digital footprint to tackling tricky reputation challenges, we’ve got your back. Your reputation is a big deal, and we’re all about helping you keep it in tip-top shape. Let’s work together to ensure the world sees the real you.

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Registered and Unregistered Design

Your brand’s unique design and intellectual property is key to standing out in a crowded market and building customer trust. And it’s a big deal – your design is a valuable asset that needs serious protection. That’s exactly what we do at Spencer Churchill. We’re here to keep your brand’s design all yours, safe from copycats and set up for long-term success.

Protecting your brand’s design

Your brand’s look, including its name, logo, and unique features, belongs to you as your intellectual property.

A consistent and safe brand identity is super important in a world where trends and styles change at lightning speed. Officially registering your design means you’re the only one who owns your brand’s unique look. This acts as a strong warning to anyone thinking of copying it.

Why choose Spencer Churchill?

At Spencer Churchill, we’re all about keeping your brand safe. We search and register your brand’s designs to ensure they’re officially recognised as yours. We also keep an eye on the market to stop anyone from using your brand’s design without permission.

Safeguard your brand’s design with Spencer Churchill

Let Spencer Churchill help you protect what makes your brand special. We’re your go-to experts for intellectual property rights, focusing on keeping your designs safe and sound.

Our team is full of seasoned pros, ready to guide you at every turn of your business adventure. With us by your side, you can keep your brand’s uniqueness and good name secure. Let us see how our custom legal services can help your brand stand out, even in the toughest markets.

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