Private Equity
and Venture Capital

For the vast majority of entrepreneurs, private investments are critical for the success of their business, from the beginning and all the way through the growth stages. The presence of an investor can push you forward, motivating you to build towards your business plan and achieve your dreams. Need some legal advice when it comes to investments? We can help.

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Explaining private equity and venture capital

Private equity refers to an alternate form of investment – where investments are made in private companies that aren’t registered on a public stock exchange. Private equity investment comes from private equity firms (sometimes referred to as private equity funds), and the funds they provide can only be made accessible to accredited investors.

Venture capital is a form of private equity, where investments are made into small businesses and start-ups. Venture capital equity is inherently more risky, as the success of the business is not yet confirmed. However, the long-term growth potential can often make them attractive options for investors.



How can Spencer Churchill help you with private equity and venture capital law?

Private Equity Law

Our approach to private equity is similar to our mergers & acquisitions process, in that our expert lawyers use similar skills to deal with the transaction and investment process in the most effective way possible – with a few more considerations and steps to think about on the way.

We will negotiate the terms of the investment or acquisition offer – providing valuable advice on tax and disclosure, all the while understanding the time-sensitive nature of the transaction and working efficiently to get you the end result you want.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with private equity and venture capital law?

Equity Capital Market Law

Our team of ECM lawyers have capable hands, and are experienced in advising and negotiating a range of transaction sizes. We know how to deal with rights issues, advise on pre-IPO structuring and IPOs, pre-emptive investment offers, and much more.

We are sensitive to the fact that all of these legal avenues can totally transform your company, so they must be carefully considered.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with private equity and venture capital law?

Joint Venture Capital

If you are in the process of setting out on a joint venture, you’ll be considering how to fund it. If you are hoping to invest in a joint venture, you will want to know that the investment is worth it and that you aren’t being misled. Whatever side of the investment coin you land on, whether you are searching for investment or hoping to invest yourself, then we can walk you through the process.

We want to protect you from dodgy joint venture capital contracts, make sure you are making informed decisions, and push your venture to fulfil its highest potential.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with private equity and venture capital law?

Pension Funds

Pension funds and plans can be compelling for employees, and a good pension plan can attract some of the best talent. Business success can often be influenced by employee satisfaction, so when a pension fund changes, you should expect an impact on your team and, potentially, your staff retention figures.

We can help if there has been a switch in pension investment funds or providers, if a change to a pension fund has negatively impacted employees, or if you need some help establishing a fund in the first place then don’t hesitate in getting in touch.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with private equity and venture capital law?

Angel Investors/Investments

Angel investors want to make informed decisions before they put their money into start-ups or SME’s. If you are an Angel Investor and are hoping to invest in a small business for an ownership equity stake, then reach out to us. We know how to negotiate contracts, understand where there are holes, prevent you from being misled, and always support you so that you get the most out of your money and investment. Get in contact with our team now, we will be happy to help.

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