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Successful corporations tend to work under one premise: settle for the best. The best employees, the best services, the best processes, the best profits, the best legal advice. The team at Spencer Churchill are the best professional and experienced corporate lawyers, ready and raring to represent your company, now.

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We support our clients with individually tailored legal advice, in areas such as:

Corporate Equity capital markets. Mergers and acquisition. Private Equity. Corporate disputes. Corporate financial law. Commercial real estate


Explaining corporate law

Although often lumped together, corporate and commercial law are slightly different disciplines – with the former representing the branch of law related to companies and business structuring. From mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to private equity law and corporate disputes, the world of corporate law is vast and can get pretty complicated.

For the success of your business, you will want expert lawyers to take the wheel. Your lawyers need to be professional and trustworthy, conduct due diligence (the first stage of the M&A process), carefully prepare legal documents for court, protect your company from legal risks, design your company’s position on legal matters, and negotiate the best deals on your behalf.


Why might your business require a corporate lawyer?

Corporate lawyers support your growth as a business, taking the pressure off you and your leading execs to keep on top of important processes. They make sure that your company is always working within the law, streamlining the way you work and offering you expert legal advice as you work through huge decisions for your business.

You could use someone on hand to reliably process the normal day-to-day legal documents issued by your corporation. Maybe you need someone to ensure that all regulatory measures are compliant with national requirements, or someone to streamline and manage the M&A process. Whatever it is, we do it all.

If you own or represent a business or corporation, don’t leave the legal side of things to chance. You need reliable, hard-working, professional (and friendly) corporate solicitors to take the reins. That sounds like us.



There are seven stages to the growth cycle of a business, each with its own challenges and opportunities. We are here to help you navigate through them.




How can Spencer Churchill help you with corporate legal advice?

Corporate Advisory

Corporate decisions are usually big, important, and financial. Having expert advice and leadership whilst you navigate them is highly advisable, because bad decisions can be detrimental to the success of a business. From cash flow management services, financial performance analysis, operational changes and much more, our professional corporate lawyers are here to offer the advice you need to take your business growth to the next level.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with corporate legal advice?

Equity Capital Markets

Equity Capital Markets (ECM) are a wide network of financial markets that work to raise companies capital. Raising your equity capital can be done through issuing shares, privately or publicly, something which is used to fund the growth of your corporation. Our friendly team of ECM lawyers are here to advise on capital reorganisations, demergers, and secondary fundraisings, all to help your corporation navigate the complicated world of ECMs and help your business to thrive.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with corporate legal advice?

Mergers and Acquisition

M&A transactions can be quite complicated. Whether you are one of the merger companies seeking shareholders agreements, or you are an acquiring company who is hoping for a majority stake in the obtained firm, our expert lawyers are here to take the pressure off. We work through M&A transactions to make sure they are as friendly and successful as possible.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with corporate legal advice?

Private Equity

From Venture Capital to Growth Equity to Buyout strategy, our expert approach to private equity services is designed to take your investment as far as possible. We will take you through the full spectrum of Private Equity processes, drawing on our industry expertise and considerable experience. Whether you are part of an early-stage startup or an established and growing company, our services are here to help you.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with corporate legal advice?

Corporate Disputes

The nature of corporate law is that, when a transaction involves more than one company, disagreements and disputes can sometimes arise. That’s why corporate dispute resolution serves as such an integral part of our approach to corporate law. We work in your best interests. If you or an opposing disputant has a problem with an equity transfer, a merger or acquisition, or another reason entirely, we want to help.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with corporate legal advice?

Corporate Finance Law

If you need expert legal advice on every avenue of buying and selling your businesses assets, on maintaining a positive relationship with your shareholders, on fundraising or on corporate governance, then our expert corporate finance lawyers want to help. Having a tight control over corporate finance law allows your business to grow and thrive in other areas that matter – like business sales. If you or your business need sound legal advice from lawyers with extensive experience, the Spencer Churchill team wants to hear from you.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with corporate legal advice?

Commercial Real Estate Law

Our team has significant experience working with property investors and developers to deliver complex transactions that are typical of the real estate world. We are able to combine our expertise to navigate a range of specialist transactions, all the while working to deliver the best deals for you and your corporation.

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