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If you work within business, you’ll probably already know that disagreements and disputes are bound to occur in some form or another. However, dealing with them properly when they arise is critical when it comes to keeping things running smoothly. Effective dispute resolution requires trustworthy professionals, like us at Spencer Churchill, to guide, direct, and advise you as you go through the motions.

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Explaining Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution refers to a wide range of methods, techniques, and processes that aim to resolve business or commercial disputes. They allow opposing parties to seek a common ground on which they can build the dispute and negotiate, without stressful court-imposed deadlines hanging over their heads.

However, if you have exhausted all your options when it comes to resolving the dispute outside of the courtroom, partaking in court proceedings can serve as an effective last resort.

Dispute resolution can take a few different forms when it comes to sorting out disagreements within your business.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that involves a third-party mediator to talk you and your disputing party through the disagreement. If you are seeking a mutually beneficial conclusion to your disagreement which won’t sacrifice your confidentiality or privacy, our professionals at Spencer Churchill can help.

If Mediation is not right for you or your circumstances, Arbitration is a more formal and legally binding approach to take. This involves an external independent arbitrator who looks at the facts of the dispute and uses the evidence to come to a conclusion that is acceptable to both parties.

Sometimes, a court case is the best option for success in your dispute, but this is usually only decided after all other options have been exhausted. Litigation dispute resolution lawyers or dispute resolution solicitors will take control of all the documentation.

Although litigation is an expensive version of dispute resolution, you can trust that the process will be fully regulated by solicitors.

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Why might you or your business require a dispute resolution solicitor

Dispute resolution can help with a range of disagreements within the commercial and corporate world. Making sure disagreements are ironed out before they cause too much strain on your financial situation or your company’s resources should be a priority.

Perhaps you are dealing with a serious case of corporate defamation, where your business has suffered reputational damage at the hands of an article, social media, or the press. Maybe you are dealing with a professional negligence claim, where a client believes that one of your employees has failed to perform their duty of care. Or perhaps you are dealing with a company that has breached their contract with you and you need help to resolve the dispute.

At Spencer Churchill, we have a long history of working in our client’s best interests. From mediation to arbitration, reaching a successful end to your dispute is possible with our attentive, friendly, and professional team. Reckon we can help you out?



How can dispute resolution with Spencer Churchill help you?

Commercial Litigation

You might be inclined to reach for a commercial litigation solicitor for a range of reasons. The reliable professionals at Spencer Churchill can provide effective advice, strategy, and service to those who are looking for support from their dispute resolution team.

You are going to need the very best in the game when your case ends up in the court system. Don’t play with fire, stick to what works. Get in touch with the team at Spencer Churchill today.

How can dispute resolution with Spencer Churchill help you?

Professional Negligence

Dealing with professional negligence is as disruptive as being accused of it. You need to make sure you are dealing with the right professionals to support and guide you through to a beneficial resolution. Whether you are dealing with accusations from a client, or you feel you or your business have come up against negligent behaviour at the hands of another company, you are going to want an experienced dispute resolution team to deal with it.

How can dispute resolution with Spencer Churchill help you?

Reputation management for individuals

Reputation management is becoming more and more important for those who lead a high profile professional life. Absolutely no one wants to witness the destruction of their career at the hands of unfair slander.

But if you have been a victim, it isn’t too late to resolve the situation. If you have been a victim of personal reputation damages, and you need a dispute resolution lawyer to arbitrate the disagreement between you and your disputing parties, the solicitors at Spencer Churchill can help.

How can dispute resolution with Spencer Churchill help you?

Reputation management for companies

There are no two ways about it, a good brand reputation will lead you straight on the path towards more successful business. Resolving reputation disputes is critical in the corporate world, because positive associations with your brand can correlate to much more success down the line. No one wants to engage in business with a badly reviewed brand. Our dispute resolution lawyers can work through the disagreement, resolving disputes and repairing your reputational damage in the process.

How can dispute resolution with Spencer Churchill help you?

Defamation cases

Libel (written defamation) is all too common in the contemporary world. With social media being a critical component of company growth, it is also an easy place for you or your business to come under fire. Defamation cases are complex matters, so you’re going to want the best dispute resolution lawyers around to help you and your opposing party resolve the disagreement.

Luckily, you’ve found us. Spencer Churchill solicitors are well trained in resolving defamation cases. Reach out to us now for help.

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