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We offer practical and actionable litigation advice that minimises risk and protects reputations. Our team provide effective litigation, arbitration, and mediation services to SMEs and founders, working with your best interest in mind – always.

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We support our clients with individually tailored legal advice, in areas such as:

Beauty, luxury goods, and fashion law. Commercial Mediation. Corporate. Dispute Resolution. Employment. Intellectual Property. Litigation Support. Venture Capital. Comercial Real Estate. Sports. Technology.


Litigation is the legal word for the process of taking a legal disagreement to court. It’s the official way to resolve legal disputes when the people involved can’t come to an agreement or settlement.

Our experienced attorneys are here to represent your interests in court, standing up for your rights and helping you cut through the legal jargon and procedures along the way. Whether it’s a personal injury, business dispute, or any other legal matter, we’ve got your back when you need it most.

Contract disputes, for example, are a frustrating issue in the business world, and a major cause for litigation. They come about when one person or party fails to meet the terms written down in a contract.

The reasons for these disputes can vary widely, but they tend to involve matters like:

  • Non-payment

  • Breach of terms

  • Failure to deliver

Litigation services help those involved by providing a legally-binding structure and process for a fair and just resolution to the dispute. This also keeps and honours the intent of the contract and the rights of those involved.


Legal disputes can be extremely draining – both emotionally and financially. And they tend to come up when you expect them least, which is why litigation services can make such a difference.

For example, without litigation experts by your side, you might not be fully aware of how to assert your rights or how to navigate the intricacies of the law.

Legal terminology and procedures can be baffling, and legal experts can help break down these complexities into more understandable terms.

If you’re suffering financially from your dispute, litigation services can also help recover any compensation you’re entitled to.

As you can see, in a world where legal disagreements can impact your livelihood and well-being, litigation services are a proactive decision that guides you through an otherwise challenging legal landscape.

Approaching disputes with tenacity

A dispute that ends up in litigation can get stressful. Our team of legal experts approach disputes with a tenacious desire to get the best outcome for our clients. If you are looking for legal professionals who:

  • Consider the facts
  • Build a case
  • Support you throughout the proceedings

Then, you’ve come to the best place.

Supporting clients through litigation and more

We have vast experience resolving complex disputes in the most beneficial way for our disputants. Whether we join you at the beginning of the problem by professionally mediating the issue, or we support you when the dispute enters the courtroom, we bring the same attentive and professional passion.


Eager to
avoid the

Court is not always the best option, especially for smaller businesses or start-ups that don’t have the financial resources to put into court processes. If you want to avoid the courtroom, check out some of our alternative dispute resolution services below.


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