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Sports Law

As fun and inspiring it is to watch, the sports world can be complex when it comes to law. The professional sport sector lends itself to a variety of legal services, from contract law, dispute resolution, intellectual property protection, and even tort law, so there could be a load of reasons why you’d be reaching out to us.

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We support our clients with individually tailored legal advice, in areas such as:

Talent Sports Media. Sports Disputes. Sports Regulatory and Governance. Image Rights Brand and Reputation Management. Club Player Representation. Sports Disciplinary. Sports Events.


Explaining Sport law

Sports contracts are critical to the development of a sports person’s career prospects. There is no doubt that you or the athlete you represent will want to secure the most compatible contract for you. That’s where a solicitor with a tight control over contractual law should get involved. Avoid all the issues that can arise when you work with an unreliable contract full of holes, and reach out to our team now! 

Intellectual property law may be something you need to seriously consider if you need to patent an invention or creation that pushes sportspeople to better their performance. If you believe someone has ripped off your invention, we can also help to resolve the dispute – always working towards your ideal end result.

If you or the athlete you represent work in a high risk sector, you may need to consider the chances of sports injuries occurring. If they do, you may want to raise a dispute or take your disputant to court. That’s where we come in.

If you feel you have been the victim of a negligent referee or umpire, if you have used damaged sports equipment that has ended up injuring you, if you feel you have been the victim of dangerous conduct from another athlete or team, or for another reason entirely, you will want a professional solicitor to deal with your claim.


Why might you or business require sports law representation

Do you represent a professional athlete? Do you need a reliable law firm to provide specialist knowledge within the sports industry? Good. We can help. Our team are trained in providing legal support specific to the sports sector, with an understanding of the niche experiences of sport stars or sports teams.

We already work alongside and have long-term relationships with professional athletes, so you can trust our team to always work in your best interests.


There are seven stages to the growth cycle of a business. Each has its own challenges
and opportunities, which our firm is uniquely placed to help you navigate.

Megan Campbell

Megan Campbell

Liverpool Ladies FC / Republic Ireland International Football



How can Spencer Churchill help you with Sport law


It goes without saying that footy is one of the most popular spectator sports in the UK. Legally protecting those within the football industry, from Premier League players to promising talent beginning their career, needs to be a priority. If you need a solicitor to represent you, one who truly understands the specific legal issues that impact footballers and how to solve them, then you’ll want to reach out to our team.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with Sport law


The eSports industry is booming in popularity, and eSports athletes need to make sure they are well represented by the best solicitors in the game. From creating or managing player contracts, to protecting brand rights, to helping engage fans through establishing ad regulations and advice, we are ready and eager to help our eSports clients with all their specific needs and requirements. Get in touch now.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with Sport law


From mediating driver disputes to developing team contracts, to establishing race support agreements, the motorsport industry lends itself to a variety of our services. The high risk nature of the sport means that if you need to make injury claims, we can also offer our help and expertise. We are excited to represent motorsports athletes at whatever point they are in their career. Reach out to our team now!

How can Spencer Churchill help you with Sport law

Boxing & Combat Sports

We have a lot of experience representing top talent in the boxing and combat sports industry, providing legal advice that works. If you need assistance with developing combat contracts, with raising a dispute due to injury or mistreatment in the ring, if you believe you are being threatened and coerced into a contract, or if you are struggling to achieve a licence, our team of professionals are on hand to help.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with Sport law


Professional cyclists face unique challenges compared to other athletes in different disciplines. With professional cycling seems to come doping accusations, but with us you’ll be in good hands. If you believe you have been falsely accused of doping, and you are facing reputation damages due to these accusations, then we want to help.

We also deal with cycling contracts, personal injury claims, resolving disputes, and more. Don’t delay in reaching out for our expert representation.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with Sport law


We always work in our clients’ best interests, no matter what point they are at in their athletics career. From personal injury advice and support, to dispute resolution, to establishing beneficial contracts, our athletes trust our expert advice on a range of issues. Ready to be another one of our happy athletics clients? Get in touch.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with Sport law


A challenging sport, triathletes face similar challenges to other athletes and sportspeople. We provide legal advice to triathletes that is easy to understand and works in their best interest, always. From working through contractual challenges, to offering support through reputation damages or resolving disputes – contact us now for the best in trustworthy legal services.

How can Spencer Churchill help you with Sport law


Do you represent a golf club who is searching for legal support? Or an individual professional golfer who needs support through developing a contract or through a personal injury claim or for another reason entirely? It’s good that you’ve found us – our expert legal advice is ideal for professional golfers at any stage of their career. Reach out to us now and discuss our services with our friendly team.



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